BinaryTilt Review

BinaryTilt Review

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Get 100% Bonus on Your First Deposit!
Accept US Customers
Founded : 2013
Licence: N/A
Minimum Deposite: $250
Minimum Trade: $10
Currencies: JPY, CNY, ZAR, AUD, NZD, GBP

BinaryTilt Binary Broker Review

BinaryTilt certainly seems to start as it means to go on as landing on the site led to us being greeted by one of the most professional looking main pages that we have ever seen. There is not as much of a focus on being fun and interesting here as there is in simply getting the job done and that is exactly what we had in mind when registering our account for review purposes.

The Oceanic region seems to be leading the way somewhat in terms of advancement in binary options trading and BinaryTilt definitely fits the bill as it is based in New Zealand, giving traders in the area another viable platform opportunity alongside the likes of Australia’s HighLow. Like their Aussie counterpart, BinaryTilt is also highly regulated and so those with safety concerns when it comes to options trading can instantly put any fears to rest as this broker does everything by the book and always goes the extra mile to ensure safety.

BinaryTilt Features

The main trading platform at BinaryTilt is fully featured and a pleasure to use, but before you even get into trading, it may well be worth your while taking a closer look at the promotions and bonuses, as they are particularly outstanding. As is often the case, one of the best promotions is reserved for the signup bonus, effectively being awarded from the moment the trader makes their first deposit.

There are no account tiers as such at BinaryTilt, so every trader can make use of the exact same welcome bonus, which weighs in at a 100% match bonus of up to $3,000. Even if you go for the minimum possible deposit, your bonus will be matched up in its entirety and that is definitely something of a rarity in the options trading sector, and the good news certainly doesn’t end there.

Your first four trades through the platform are considered to be risk free trades, and while these are certainly not unique to BinaryTilt, they are definitely not something that every trader could expect, particularly straight after signing up. What risk free trades entail are that you place a trade as normal and if the trade is successful, the returns are pad out as you’d expect and nothing noticeable happens. However, if your chosen trade is unsuccessful, the money placed on that trade will be refunded. This is not a one-off either, as your first four trades at BinaryTilt are considered to be risk free in the same way.

If you’re a relatively new trader but still want to put yourself in the best possible situation with regards to those risk free trades, and every trade thereafter for that matter, then it may well be worth making use of the demo account to get a real feel for how BinaryTilt performs and to see how the market is going at any given moment. This demo account comes fully loaded with $1,000 of virtual currency and is available for five days after first creating your account with the broker.

The special features keep on coming and perhaps our favourite of all is the fact that BinaryTilt offers a fully featured mobile platform that shares the same data and trading options as its online counterpart. It is fully web based, meaning that there is nothing to download, and allows traders to keep track of just about everything related to their account anywhere that they have a mobile internet signal.

Assets and Software at BinaryTilt

The platform itself is a major highlight of the BinaryTilt offering and it can be relied upon for some high level trading, while also being thoroughly accessible for beginners. It is based on the MarketsPulse platform and while this may not be a household name, even among experienced traders, it certainly looks like it has the potential to become one. This is another reason to make use of the demo platform. We had never encountered MarketsPulse before, but we used a day or so on the demo account to get used to it. It turns out that it is more than a match for any other major trading software platform, but it was nice to be able to get into real money trading with a good idea of what to expect.

The whole platform is web based and focuses heavily on speed. When you’re placing trades with 30 second time limits or something along those lines then speed is definitely something you would want on your side, and BinaryTilt definitely delivers in this regard. Once an option is chosen, the asset choices and expiry times load by default, ensuring the availability of a two click process for anyone that wants to make use of such functionality.

The platform is no slouch when it comes to data either and it certainly manages to present it all beautifully. Again, it is another recommendation for MarketsPulse here as much as BinaryTilt, as we found their various charts to not only be among the best looking in the industry but also some of the easiest to manipulate. From market influences to potential returns on any given trade, BinaryTilt offers something that data fans will enjoy and that any trader will be able to make use of.

There are various trading options within the platform and the broker offers pretty much everything that any experienced trader would expect. From High/Low options to One Touch options, our favourites were all on display and we would say with confidence that the same will apply for just about anyone else.

As for the assets themselves, this is where we found BinaryTilt to be somewhat limited compared to other brokers. Most of their assets are currency based and while there are several stocks, the commodities category is rather bare at the moment. Nevertheless, if your main concern is being able to trade in a reasonable selection of assets rather than being on the lookout for something specific, there is more than enough on offer here to keep traders going.

BinaryTilt Customer Service

Customer support is available around the clock by live chat, phone and email. All options are viable should the trader run into any issues on the site as they are each manned by the same friendly, knowledgeable staff that are quick to respond and happy to deal with virtually any query.

Managing Your Money

The number of deposit options at BinaryTilt is limited in theory, although in practice traders will almost certainly be able to find something that suits their needs. Credit and debit cards are fine, as are wire transfers although they carry higher fees and require a minimum deposit amount of $1,000. There are also plenty of localised payment methods on offer, such as UnionPay for Asian traders and Webmoney for those in the US.

The first withdrawal made from BinaryTilt will be processed by bank transfer for security and identification purposes, but traders are then free to make use of any compatible withdrawal method to suit their requirements. That will mean that the first withdrawal will be rather slow but investors should not worry as they soon speed up when using other means. These bank transfers are free for traders in Australia and New Zealand and cost $20 each for anyone outside these countries. The minimum withdrawal is certainly not overly concerning either, coming in as it does at $50.

BinaryTilt Review in Summary

BinaryTilt was a pleasure to review, mainly because it is so easy to recommend. The only traders that we would really suggest to steer clear of this broker are those that enjoy a particularly diverse selection of assets or those that want a demo account that lasts for more than five days. Anyone else will be delighted with what the brand has to offer as we have encountered some of the best in safety and security that the industry has to offer, making BinaryTilt a sure thing for the recommended list.


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