Binary Option Robot Review

Binary Option Robot Review

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Binary Option Robot Review

Binary Option Robot is a little different to what we normally review here on the site. Rather than being a trading platform, it has been designed to appeal to traders that want to take a lot of the work out of trading, without compromising on results. Boasting a success rate of up to eighty percent over time, it is considered to be the most reliable and downright useful automated trading tool around right now.

The tool can be programmed by the user, although no programming skills are needed, and it will then go about making the most of the inbuilt algorithms to pull off successful trades without the investor even needing to lift a finger. We took a look at it as we are always interested in anything that makes the trader’s life easier and we immediately found it to be easy to set up and configure. With full control over the number of trades and their respective sizes, we found that the software could be used for just about any budget or account level using some of the best trading platforms in the world.

How it Works

Binary Option Robot essentially crunches masses of historical data in order to predict how the market will perform. When something specific happens to the market, the outcomes are usually the same and this prior knowledge allows the software platform to make predictions that are based on the kind of information that far exceeds what any human could be expected to remember.

What it Costs

There are two versions of Binary Option Robot and the best part is that the entry level version of the software is completely free to use. It makes use of the same data and algorithms as the full VIP version, so traders can see exactly what lies in store for them with no outlay at all.

The Highlights of Binary Option Robot

  • Binary Option Robot is fully automated. When the trader has specified their own personal parameters, they would technically never need to touch the software again and can sit back and let it do its work with no further involvement.
  • The software boasts a record of eight percent winning trades. The robot uses data rather than guesswork and this allows it to trade correctly eight percent of the time. With most major brokerages offering returns of 85 percent or more, this can lead to an impressively successful string of trades.
  • No trading experience is needed to use the Binary Option Robot. While a little familiarity with computing in general can be beneficial, the act of trading is carried out exclusively by the Robot itself. That means that new and experienced traders alike can make full use of the software and reap the rewards that go along with doing so.
  • A secure platform with a number of variables. As part of inserting parameters and requirements into the software, traders can make use of an automatic stop loss facility based on how much you are looking to invest. Even if you are away from your desk, the software will continue to work away while ensuring that there are no nasty surprises if there is a string of losing trades.
  • Binary Option Robot is designed to place winning trades, and even the sceptics can take it for a test run as it is possible to make use of the reverse trading function. We would only suggest this for testing purposes, if at all, as we have full faith in the software. However, if you find the platform to be wrong more than it is right, it is even possible to set the Robot up to execute the opposite trades of what the algorithms are suggesting.

Binary Option Robot Review in Summary

We consider Binary Option Robot to be an essential tool in any trader’s armoury. Whether you’re a new trader that is unfamiliar with trading in general but still want the same results of the professionals, or an experienced trader that simply does not have the time to keep abreast of the latest market news, this piece of software is perfectly capable of filling in the knowledge gap in both scenarios. The platform is supported by all major brokers, allowing traders to sift through our various reviews and choose the brokerage that is right for them, all without compromising on their ability to make use of the pinnacle in automatic trading software.